Gan Be’Eden

Enter the world of “Gan Be’Eden” – “A Garden in Eden”
Move between past and present and into the future,
to infinite calm . . . to perfection. . .
unlike any other place . . . Bereishit . . .
Stream-ribboned canyons, unpolluted scenery, palm fronds caressing

 the heavens, the beating of wings of migratory birds . . .

far from the tumult of the city.

We Offer

Rooms and Suites
27 large, well-appointed rooms, which can also comfortably accommodate large families. The rooms are surrounded by green lawns and cozy shaded resting areas. Each room has a fully equipped kitchenette with a well-supplied coffee corner, television, air conditioner, and hair dryer.

Weekday and Shabbat/holiday meals
Meals are served in the kibbutz dining hall. It is also possible to order packaged meals to take along while touring the region.

The dining hall seats 600 people and is suitable for conferences and family events. There are also two smaller halls, which can hold 100 people and are suitable for more intimate events.

A pleasant place to sit and relax.

Sports courts
Our guests are invited to take advantage of the kibbutz's basketball court.

Swimming pool
Includes a kiddy pool and deep water. The pool is open during the summer months, with separate hours for men and women.

The synagogue is open daily for morning, afternoon and evening prayers.

Beit medrash (religious study hall)
Located within the synagogue complex. Suitable for individual and group study, with a large and varied array of religious books.

Petting zoo
With a wide variety of animals and rare birds of prey.

Horseback riding for children and adults, with professional guidance.

Treks guides
Accredited guides for walking tours.

Alternative medicine
Many members of Tirat Tzvi have studied various aspects of alternative medicine: naturopathy, healing, shiatsu, and cosmetic treatments. By appointment only.

"Tiv Tirat Tzvi" factory outlet store
Sells our excellent line of sausages and unique meat products.

Open to our guests.

Historical sites
A model of Tirat Tzvi in its early days, a "slick" (hidden weapons cache), and the first building constructed, all on the kibbutz grounds.


While you are here…may we suggest

All the activities and attractions our region has to offer

Nature reserves
Our region has 18 nature reserves covering 6,500 hectares. The major reserves are: Gaon HaYarden, Nachal Tavor and the Gilboa.

Many archeological sites
Kochav HaYarden, Beit Shean (Scythopolis), Gesher, and more.

Ma'ayan Harod
A large, shady park, with a large pool, a bubbling spring and spacious grassy areas.

Gan HaShelosha (Sachne)
A natural water park for the whole family and a major site for enjoying the outdoors.

"The Naharayim Experience"
A fascinating historical experience in Kibbutz Gesher, including a guided tour and an exciting sound and light show.

Gan Guroo (Australian Park)
A family attraction, where you can pet kangaroos and koala bears and observe rare and colorful birds.

"Makor HaHasida" – Birding site in Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin
A birding site located on the migration route of many species of birds, surrounded by the breathtaking views of the Jordan and the Gilead mountains.

Beit Shean
One of the oldest and most important cities in Israel, with archeological remains from the 15-12 century BCE, from the time of Solomon's Temple, the era of the Hashmonaim and the second Temple and Roman era.

"Shean Nights" – a sound and light show depicting Beit Shean's history
A unique sound and lights show that uses advanced technological effects to provide an exceptional feeling of "being there" in a living, breathing city of thousands of years ago.

Robotic cowshed in Kfar Yehezkel
A tour of the robotic milking facility and an audio-visual display.

Bio tour in Kibbutz Sde Eliah
A guided tour explaining the basics of biological farming.

Kohav HaYarden National Park
This park is also known as "Belvior" (beautiful view), because of the breathtaking area surrounding it. An additional attraction is the remains of a Crusader fortress.

Rob Roy
This site offers families a magical sailing trip in authentic Indian canoes along the southern banks of the Jordan River.

Bicycle trips, jeep trips and ATVs
A wide variety of marked routes for day or night trips.

The seasons in our region

"Dress" the region in the unique and distinctive scenery.

The spectacular blooming of irises in various colors and bird watching during their migration season, from the beginning of October until the end of March.

The excitement of the date harvest, from the end of August to mid-November.

The magical sights and smells of flowers in bloom, from the end of February to the beginning of May.

A dip in the many springs that flow in the region cools the summer heat and combines health, relaxation and renewal.
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אופניים בטירה -השכרת אופניים וחוויות שטח בטירת צבי

 חדש בטירת צבי -אופניים בטירה 

השכרת אופניים ופעילויות

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קומזיץ משפחתי בחופשת הקיץ לאורחי גן בעדן -נופש כפרי טירת צבי

מתארחים אצלנו בחודש אוגוסט

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חופשת סוכות בטירת צבי

מתארחים ב"גן

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